#thefutureofwealth is women

#thefutureofwealth is women

A community of women investing in theater, film, art, collectibles and women-led businesses.


Who We Are

We are a private investment community for women who think outside the box. We believe that it’s possible to make an impact and build wealth. That’s why we take a unique approach to investing. Join us.


What We Invest In

Theater & Film

Imagine going to the theater and watching an amazing musical, knowing that you were part of bringing it to life. That’s what it feels like to invest in theater and film. It’s an opportunity to be a part of a world that very few people experience.

Art & Collectibles

They say art lets us find ourselves and lose ourselves simultaneously. You know how true that statement is if you’ve seen a beautiful painting. Owning a piece of art can be a good investment and help spark exciting conversations.


Our approach to investing in businesses is unlike another. We partner with key stakeholders to ensure success for both founders and investors.

What We Find Interesting

The world of investing is full of opportunities. But not every opportunity makes an impact or is a good investment. We share ideas and investment opportunities that excite us.


Why Alternative Investments

Traditional investments such as stocks and bonds are only part of the story. We view investing in alternatives as the missing slice of an investment pie, and our unique approach allows us to make an impact, learn and have meaningful conversations.


How We Invest

As Individuals

As a Collective

Through a Fund


How We Invest


Our Ecosystem

Expert SMEs

Strategists & Advisors

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